Rocket League

An exciting soccer game with rocket-powered cars


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  • Category Sport
  • Program license Free
  • Version 51.1052
  • Works under: Windows 8.1
  • Program available in English
  • Program by Psyonix

Rocket League is an exciting PC game that combines the fast-paced nature of the demolition derby with the unique tactics of American Soccer.

Just like many other popular online games, the strategies that must be used to win a match in Rocket League can become incredibly complex. Instead of controlling human avatars, players control powerful vehicles to knock the ball into the opposing team's goal. Players can either battle against bots or join online matches against other human opponents. Most matches take anywhere between five and seven minutes to complete, but overtime can double or triple the length of a game.

Getting used to the controls for Rocket League should take only moments for the average player. In addition to steering, each vehicle has a short-term boost option and a handbrake for tighter turns. While the overall controls are straightforward, outplaying an opponent can be incredibly challenging. Due to the physics of the game, one common tactic is the use of momentum to constantly trap the ball and keep it moving in the right direction. In order to beat the best teams, players must coordinate on and off the ball. What originally seems like an arcade game quickly becomes a blend of hard pivots, angles, momentum, and teamwork.

Instead of going through a lengthy tutorial, many players benefit from starting a single-player season that will give them more experience with the rules and controls. When playing in an offline season, players should know that the computer will control their teammates as well as the entirety of the opposing team. These matches are often quite simple, but they can be frustrating depending on the difficulty level. In many cases, the computer will carry out unusual routines in which the ball is hit in the wrong direction or multiple vehicles block access to the ball.

When a player scores a goal or wins a match, they will automatically be awarded bonus points. Much like other competitive games, these bonus points can be used to purchase a number of different rewards. For those who enjoy a balanced and fair playing field, it is important to note that the rewards are only cosmetic. Winning players cannot outclass their opponents with new cars or tricks. Instead, they can use their rewards to make changes to the appearance of their vehicle.

After playing just a few matches, most players will quickly see why this game has exploded in popularity. It is an excellent option for anyone who enjoys stiff online competition and a straightforward game with no overpowered mechanics or tactics.


  • Excellent replayability
  • Easy controls
  • Countless tactics and strategies


  • Unreliable servers
  • Unusual AI
  • The occasional unbalanced match
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